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Subject :  How many madpoints do you have?
04/12/2010 10:08:53

😃bonjour, for my part I have 937000 MP in 357 days, not counting the MPs charged for different Prizes I received. once my tic tac windows are finished I would then be at about 1,800,000 MP.
Don't forget that Sponsor a Friend can bring in a lot of MPs.
Good luck and good luck to all of you

02/12/2010 13:05:16

Survey easier account the different parameters involved

1- how many points do you make on average per day (only with the 15 Rounds offered, i.e. with those that come into play in the rankings)?
2- Play on the same game the 15 Rounds offered daily (whatever the game)?
3- Do you take account the start and end dates of the ranking to change games (from Tuesday to Tuesday)?
4- Do you vary the panel of Rounds over the week?

For my part:
1- on average 900 points, variable according to the games
2- no, I play 3 different games (5 Rounds each)
3- often
4- no, the 3 games stay the same all week long

A vous🍻 😎

02/12/2010 12:55:42

🙋 Very
nice idea of the point survey, it can be motivating for those who feel like rowing.
But it's a shame that not many players participate and then it would be necessary to differentiate who plays with credits and 😎qui only plays free rounds. The rankings are only on the latter.

In 1 year and a half, if I only account the free rounds, I have a little over 400,000 points to which must be added all those debited to me for Prizes won.
I have fun making tables 🗎d' changes in winnings, game points, achievements thanks to the Rounds offered or thanks to credits,... Stupid? yes, surely, but in the meantime, that's what I learned to use Excel and program its cells, to make curves, cross-tabulations,..... One way 🤡comme another from apprendre🙁y): No

input from the tic-tic window because 😴d' falling asleep on the bike instead of validating at 11pm Confirm night (I ai😔!!!!!!) and the last time, a computer blockage when a dozen windows were in the rank des👏 Top 10, so almost arrivé😡😡😡 400,000 in

free games in free rounds of presence, is it good or can do better?

19/10/2010 18:16:39

Me 793026 in 100 days!!!!! Today my hundredth day I'm a kdo

19/10/2010 14:38:14

801 madpoints.
I've been here for about 1 hour 😂

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