Player yoleboss posted a message on 30/01 17:43 on the MadLotto Forum: x board. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  4 21 25 27 35 47  : Winners : 900 

Subject :  x board
06/02/2006 19:40:59

Yoleboss! 😃 I would have liked to be able to answer you and help you, but I don't play x board ( kezako x board by the way? 😂) Personally
I earn more than 70 mdpts per game Round playing Bonus-words (despite the fact that the points scale has decreased I can earn up to 150 mpts per game (approximately)).
I can just tell you to try this game, if you want to win more than 70!! 😉 Good luck!

05/02/2006 19:08:50

Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30/01/2006 17:43:15

is it possible to earn more than 70 mad+??
thank you

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