Player helsen posted a message on 02/02 15:20 on the MadLotto Forum: Credits. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

Last lottery draw  4 21 25 27 35 47  : Winners : 900 

Subject :  Credits
02/02/2006 19:45:03

Hi Helsen, the Rounds are unlimited up to the amount you plan to put in; once your credits are exhausted the game stops. There are only your 15 free rounds daily free rounds left 😃 Good
games to you and see you soon on Madwin MadWin

02/02/2006 15:20:37

With regard to games, it is written at the bottom of the game: use your credits NO LIMITATION IN YOUR Rounds does this mean that once you have bought Rounds on a game you can Play them unlimited?

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