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Subject :  Your favorite musike !!!
29/12/2013 00:20:21

Hard rock fan since I was 14 years old, I first discovered scorpions, then yes, then saxon, Boston and many others... My first enlightenment was however supertramp... Rodger hodgson at the piano singing "dreamer" is unforgettable for a 12 year old girl.I love toto that I went to see 3 times, but I will never forget Ronnie james Dio (Rainbow Singer) and Blue Oyster Cult that I had the chance to see in concert and that I love... For fans of the 60's, I recommend the Small Faces and their "Tin soldiers"; a taste of Led Zep...

02/12/2013 11:42:28

🙋j' also likes "Petite Emilie", "Born to die" at the moment; it's true that they are sad songs but they are really beautiful!

28/11/2013 12:48:50

🙋en At this moment I like to listen to Kenv's "Little Emily" and "hey sister"," born to die "🌹

22/01/2013 13:39:43

🙋j'aime grégoire, muse, la troupe 1789, adèle, les variétés françaises 🎤

22/01/2013 00:42:42

write herewrite icislt ben me my musik prefers c pltot the cansons of mylene farmer and werewolf and you?

bob marley, harper, youssou ndour, toure kounda, rega, beguine, zouk Irish
music, celtic,

country, bouree, folklre, aveyronnaise,

mozart verdi betoveen tt classical and techno ,that's actually not it ,and the singers with themes
I don't know my favorite !

28/07/2012 11:32:12


16/07/2012 09:36:33

hello me c rap 😉

26/09/2011 08:15:54

Colonel rayan of the style 3 billion girls it is you that I choose you you make me he he he he he he he he 😀 I
joke it is just that this song is currently playing and that I find it not great! well it is not a post with polemic either! 😃 I
love the old style like Marvin Gaye, cool and the gang, louise attack,u2, anu chao, soprano and more!
Right now I'm a lot in the world of yes yes and choupi if that interests 😂

24/09/2011 20:07:59

🙋 I
listen to everyone but right now I mainly listen from the 30 seconds to March the album "This is war" big favorite actually ^^

16/09/2011 22:32:07

Christophe Maé, Yannick Noah, Pascale Picard.....

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