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Subject :  What Play?
30/07/2009 17:10:41

I'm at 268 days for about 750'000mp+. I bought credit but I didn't earn more than 20'000mp+ with it.

One thing that Help is to make sure you're in the top 460 of the mega challange every week. That way you earn 5000mp+ every week. In 2 years that makes you 520'000mp+ just with this challange.
To get a good ranking, it's not very hard, you just have to diversify the games. We have a better ranking if we are in the top 500 of 5 different games than being in the top 50 of a single game.

Of course the best Mode get several million mp+ for free is to use tictac windows, but it is difficult to connect to the site every day for about 6 months (especially during the holidays).

Because of a bug in my computer I had lost all my places while I was for some windows less than 50th....

25/07/2009 16:20:16

in fact to win "more" (attention, everything is relative) and without investment, you have to Play the tambola showcase and convert your winnings into mad points. You also have the possibility to Play via MadLotto and convert your points to madppoints😉

23/07/2009 13:12:24


It is true that with only the free rounds offered per day, you have to wait a long time...

For my part, I buy credits, and again, having been a former member of MadWin, I can tell you, we no longer earn like before 🤢

23/07/2009 08:34:06

I've been playing my 15 Rounds a day for over 2 years now for a total of 600,000 madpoints... I don't have enough to choose a "correct" prize yet and I wonder how you do it to win Prizes... maybe I don't choose the right games... so what Play??

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