Player floreli posted a message on 30/09 11:52 on the MadLotto Forum: pyramids. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  pyramids
22/10/2009 19:28:38

Good evening, I agree with floreli, I miss the game LES PYRAMIDES, replace it with another game equilavent! Thank
you See you soon


30/09/2009 13:16:55

Pyramids will soon be available in a new version!

The Web'.

30/09/2009 11:52:53

Hello, after having had a black screen for 4 days, 2 questions sent to customer service, unanswered, except for the automatons that credit 50 points, the pyramidshome has not been accessible for several days: can you tell me when we will get this game? thank you

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