Player pat13113 posted a message on 12/01 16:06 on the MadLotto Forum: I'm sick of cheating.. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  I'm sick of cheating.
17/01/2010 21:56:35

The problem of the fairness of the challenges persists... Everyone knows that by just playing on Mondays between 23:55 and validating his Rounds after midnight on Monday of the same day, his weekly score will take account an "additional" Round. Players who know the rift take advantage of it: they are the ones you call "cheaters".....
If this message passes,
more players should know about this "defect", so Play between 23h55 and 12h05....
Play's up to you...

17/01/2010 08:01:27

It seems that there is the same problem on Aie Robot. The maximum score (beating the robot without making a mistake) is worth 51 MadPoints .

But the first in the weekly challenge (counting that he used all the free rounds ) would have averaged more than 90 Points per Round . How is it possible?
So is there a Mode to cheat, let alone prevent cheating and ensure a fair game for those who are honest?
Thanks for making the necessary.

17/01/2010 01:14:43

It's been going on since the beginning of the week for lauw33 at the game have robot, but they don't want to Confirm my message. Maybe
is it part of the site to prevent other players from winning.

15/01/2010 00:41:40

there is also LAUW33 at the robot game, more than 2000 pts on 1515 maxi possible. Could we have an explanation.

14/01/2010 15:22:51

You may not have the right tactics!

I'm first on one of the games... Can the tenth accuse me of cheating?

There's just a little something you haven't discovered yet... A game tactic that's not yet well established...

Play the game, think about it, and you'll get there!

14/01/2010 00:42:17

and it continues with lauw33 to aie attack, which makes 2077 with 15 Rounds while the maximum is 1515, and here again it has just made 1867 out of 1515 possible.

13/01/2010 19:29:09

completely agree. when the tournaments are over and you think you have won (for me a senseo cube) you learn that another player is 1st while his speudo does not appear on the game result when the tournament TERMINATES banner appears. his score is unknown. This happens too often.

13/01/2010 12:37:40

Maybe I'm wrong, but the weekly challenge per game takes place over a week, and represents the Accumulative all the madpoints won on this or that game?

So the first one who has 2194 mp: Let's
imagine that we divide it into 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday), it corresponds to 1097 mp per day for this game, and let's imagine that the person is played these 15 free rounds on blob attack, it makes him an average of 73 mp per Rounds..... what is feasible 😉 good

game to you 😂

13/01/2010 10:47:44

it's the same in the game aie attack where the player Law33 made 2077 pts while the maximum is 101pts by 15 Rounds (1515pts total per day).
I would like us to be explained how such cheating can take place.

12/01/2010 23:59:41

pat13113 wrote: ayoupe85 amadus
at the game blob attack ! it is
impossible to make more than 103 points per game so Rounds per day and they have scores of more than 2000 I no longer buy
games until Rounds pb is set idem for

LAUW33 at the game AIE ATTACK, we can not make more than 101 pts per game, Rounds by 15, it makes 151515 or it makes more
than 2000 pts.
Is there any Mode do something about these people?
Thank you in advance.

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