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Subject :  Gift ideas...?
03/11/2007 17:06:05

to go the web masters said yes to his proposal and that we win good noublion not that it is now noel it is necessary to supr to ganer not gnognottes

31/10/2007 02:18:24

Good suggestions massou33!


29/10/2007 23:48:29

🙋; -Hello, I totally agree it would be nice, it misses a bit..😉
Pourquoi and why not a section of computer components with mother cards, processor etc ...
I took a site just for that ......

good evening and good games to all ...

28/10/2007 22:58:04

Here are very interesting suggestions ... that we will study closely 😉
Do not hesitate to propose your ideas too!

The Web'

28/10/2007 14:51:28

Hello ! : D

Here, I allow myself to post my disappointment to see in showcase only games WII, DS, etc ... as intermediate lots.
Non-console players have to wait months before they can pretend anything else.

So here are some suggestions, in a slice quite affordable (cheaper than console games!):
- "machines" in the Home section:
-> especially a Panini machine 😉
-> coffeemakers, fondue machines, chocolate fountains, irons, electric kettles, ...

- clock radios in "high tech"

- or surf the wave of aromatherapy / light therapy (a lot of choices!)

- Finally, why not purchase vouchers in partner stores?

What do you think?
(pink) good game to all

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