Player Estrella1 posted a message on 31/03 22:38 on the MadLotto Forum: the old jack treasure: for the web. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  the old jack treasure: for the web
31/03/2007 22:38:09

Hello webmaster
I wanted to ask you a question about old jack you who know better than anyone else the games in all their aspects both in free game and in tournament.
As you should know old jack in free game gives us 1000 bonus points per remaining move when we finish our game table.
In tournament the game phases take place in 2 Rounds but it is not possible to have bonuses when you finish a table and we have extra moves left... My question is therefore: is there an extra bonus if we can finish both tables... Which is therefore very very difficult.
Here you are, hoping that you have understood what I am asking you.
Thank you

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