Player titine0787 posted a message on 12/12 16:18 on the MadLotto Forum: how much time do you spend on the game on average?. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  how much time do you spend on the game on average?
28/07/2012 11:39:25

Well, it Next whether I buy credits or not!!😂

22/02/2008 10:34:29

Well, it Next if I buy credits or not!! but in this case it's a lot!!!

12/12/2007 20:15:44

🙋 Hello! 😃 As far
as I'm concerned, half an hour a day at the most! 40 to break everything! Let's say 35 for the average! :grandsourire🙁pourquoi make it simple when you can make it complicated, that's all I am!)

12/12/2007 16:18:35

:wave: hello people :) yes I know the question seems a little silly, but I'm doing a survey for a bts file thank you for answering :) (pink)

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