Player crevettedusud posted a message on 07/09 08:43 on the MadLotto Forum: about the yams tournament. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  about the yams tournament
11/09/2007 10:51:29

Hello crevettedusud 🙋 I

'm surprised! You're not happy with the new yams tournament!!!!!!

What do you want since May 2007 everything changes 😀😀 For your

return, a small cup of 🍸 and 🌹 Have a nice day 😗

07/09/2007 08:43:56

:wave:after a month of holidays, that change on MadWin;-)and sincerely I don't like the new yams tournament, before we had the right to 2 tries to accumulate the points and now only one try, a big regret but well I keep Play:-v

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