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Subject :  Yam
08/02/2010 12:12:32

Hello🙋 in

fact I have already answered this question at some length before, so I refer you to previous messages on the subject to understand the justification and necessity.

To summarize in a few words the functioning, we regularly rebalance the games according to the average scores performed. These processes are fairly automatic and involve both increases in MadPoints on some games and decreases on others.

The Web'.

08/02/2010 11:00:01

I had said that I would no longer express myself on the forum, but there I agree with lalili59, there is a little abuse because indeed the reconversion of scores is no longer the same as on February 5 and I would like us to be explained the reason because the 5 for 278pts=70pts and the 8 for 298=67 seek the error

07/02/2010 07:01:07

why from one day to the next the conversion of the points to the yam is not the same whereas for example for a total of 218 on February 6 the conversion was 54 points and on February 7 for 218 it was 49 points it is necessary to explain to me because it is not logical

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