Player lalili59 posted a message on 15/03 17:58 on the MadLotto Forum: tournaments points. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  tournaments points
16/03/2010 11:32:44

Hello 🙋 this

is obviously not true!
At the end of the tournament, MadPoints are awarded to you according to your rank. In case of doubt, contact Customer Service who will confirm the MadPoints you have received!

The Web'.

15/03/2010 21:10:51

Yes, I too realized (after spending a certain number of credits) that the points you earn in tournaments mode are not counted, unless you are #1.


15/03/2010 17:58:13

tournaments points appear in my account history but are never counted in my total madpoints can someone enlighten me because customer service does not answer and I have been perplexed for several days to more 50 credits spent and never any points in total what is the point of Play then? because I am not told anything maybe that the points won in tournaments are not counted if I stop spending my credits right away it is clear because there I just lost hundreds and hundreds of points

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