Player benameliamanelle posted a message on 14/07 16:14 on the MadLotto Forum: It was my birthday.. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  It was my birthday.
18/07/2007 12:30:00

25 years is a very nice age, happy birthday and that maybe you will have 500 mp * 25...😀

18/07/2007 00:00:21

normally MadWin thinks of everything, and I am that you have or you will receive 500 mpts because one of my godchildren received them for her birthday on July 16th.
Happy birthday to you

17/07/2007 23:33:14

Hello benameliamanelle 🙋 With

a little delay I wish you a happy birthday 🌹🌹 Better late than never 😀 To answer

your idea, I find that Madwin MadWin gives us a lot (a wide choice of very Prizes quality gifts not to mention the 15 free bets) 🎤 And also a vast choice

of game that is renewed from time to time by other also great 🌹 Good end of evening and 🍸

14/07/2007 16:14:42

25 years since July 10th, it would be nice if on our anniversary we received a little bit of madpoint like 500 that you think.

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