Player trijagcor posted a message on 22/04 19:10 on the MadLotto Forum: AdditionalRounds. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  AdditionalRounds
24/04/2010 17:43:18

no booster rounds are not counted, you Play on the challenge only with your 15 free rounds so there is nothing to change

24/04/2010 11:05:09

It seems not!

Whew, at least MadWin was sensitive to the logic of the chalanges!

22/04/2010 19:10:58

Hello everyone,
Will the extra free Rounds be counted in the challenge and Mega-Contest?
No: Good for us all to have a chance to win.
Yes: only those who will buy on the advertising sites or who will want to subscribe to these advertising sites will win, so I don't really see the interest of your free games site.
Too bad there were a lot of us trying to be the best at PYRAMIDES

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