Player trijagcor posted a message on 27/04 18:36 on the MadLotto Forum: 1 million MADPOINTS. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  1 million MADPOINTS
28/04/2010 16:13:05

so when you see that to get a very nice prize you need no less than 20 million points you're not ready to choose it, I too would have liked to have a nice prize in MadWin but more than 2 million points and that with almost 5 years of MadWin so I take refuge on dvd or cd and I find that 1 million points for a dvd is huge so let's play for fun anyway I now it will be like that since we can never choose a nice prize, and even buying credits (411) to date with a bad key ring as a dream-card prize

27/04/2010 18:36:28

900 points per day including Sponsor a Friend, it takes me 3 years to get 1 million MADPOINT.

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