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Subject :  credits by phone
21/06/2007 23:07:47

kamala47 wrote:
hello everyone, is anyone able to tell me if we can call a mobile phone to buy credits? ;-) thank you

Good evening kamala47

As far as I'm concerned, I strongly advise you to buy credit card credits!

This is very easy to use, you will come back cheaper and do not worry the site is secure!

Have a good evening and 🍸

18/03/2007 14:21:48

write here write here hello! YES, you can recharge with your mobile, you just have to note the code that we give you

17/03/2007 15:58:34

you can do it without problem, I do it myself 🙋🙋

17/03/2007 03:09:02

Hello 🙋
But of course that if you can buy credits by your cell phone, it's just that if you are with a phone card it will just cost more than a fixed and if you have a package and it will be more expensive because off package !! 😉 So added to your bill 😂 Voili voilou 😃

10/03/2007 13:00:53

I do not believe

06/03/2007 06:25:22

Hi everyone, can someone tell me if we can call from a mobile phone to buy credits?;-) Thank you

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