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Subject :  not happy
14/06/2007 15:33:43

straight to writes:
(sing) when we ask for credit by fixed tph why must we be obliged to listen for 1 minute explanations that have nothing to do with demand and during this time we pay .moi is not happy

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21/03/2007 15:49:43

unfortunately it sometimes happens that this is necessary for a better understanding, now if you do not like the blah of the phone there is another way like the sms or you are sure not to hear anything but it is worth listening to especially when you can win big I wish you good luck and courage

19/03/2007 15:30:00

(sing)when we ask for credits by fixed tph why we have to be forced to listen for 1 minute to explanations that have nothing to do with the request and during this time we pay.

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