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Subject :  Eldorado
28/06/2006 18:07:59


for the information of many players have tried and won the different levels of the quit or double, but only one for the moment has won the Wire 1000 euros: it is FUSIBLE1952 who won it on May 13. Congratulations to him!

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27/06/2006 14:06:10

I won my psp, 1 dvd/divx toshiba player (at the 2nd even double) and 1ipod. but I didn't have the courage to Play higher!
I lost once and it hurts!

26/06/2006 12:09:39

hello to all and to all I would like to know if people have already won at the quit or double on eldorado, and have they win the cheque of 1000 euro. I personally won 1 time I tried and I won a 19tft samsung screen. thank you and good luck to all

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