Player titioceane posted a message on 11/11 12:19 on the MadLotto Forum: looking for a goddaughter. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  looking for a goddaughter
04/01/2022 00:33:11

Hi if I tell you that with your shopping, I save you money !!
Interested ??
And in the medium / long term you will pay more than half of the races !!!
Even more interested ??

here is my telegram link👇 and I will show you from A to Z how to do it during a video on ZOOM😁

04/08/2021 16:41:02

Hello, here I am looking for referrals for another game, but I do not know if you will accept that I put my referral link on this page in case I put it if it bothers you remove it but tell me why anyway thank you here is the link:

20/11/2006 16:22:59

Hello everyone,

here are the answers to your questions :

* you will not be able to find potential referrals here, as only new registrants can be sponsored, and only at the time of registration!

* No, you can not "entre-sponsor", besides I remember that each person can have only one account. Know that we are intrataible with the multiple registrations, assimilated in our regulation with the fraud leading purely and simply the cancellation of the accounts! I prefer to say it to avoid you unpleasant surprises! 😉

Good sponsorships to all!

The Web'

19/11/2006 22:34:34

I'm just a bit of a nuisance because I'm just an ignorant novice.
Is it possible to sponsor one another? It could be advantageous.

19/11/2006 17:17:53

I am also looking for godchildren.

11/11/2006 12:19:26

:wave: I'm looking for new players who want me to be their sponsor don't exhilarate good luck to all (clown)write hereBold text

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