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Subject :  Ideas? ;)
01/03/2007 16:29:45

hello, I would also like the power 4 ,or a style of wheel of fortune, or a style of hanging game, or even tetris,
puns and reflection games what...
a mini version of the trivial continues so
here it is already not bad!
good creation the web!

25/02/2007 10:30:06


I find that MadWin already offers a very wide variety of games of all kinds. So stay as you are 🙁y):

12/02/2007 15:48:40

I would also like a tetris or logic games 😂 But

it's true that a batch cache that can be used with MPs to win small prizes or even a few credits would be great! 😉

18/12/2006 20:27:00

Thank you for the suggestion, we will think about it! 👏 Nevertheless
, it could be influenced by what you may have seen elsewhere (😉) and I therefore specify in advance that we will not publish the answers to this suggestion, in accordance with the charter of the site that prohibits advertising 😶 ! 😉 Thank

you and enjoy the games!

18/12/2006 18:56:18

Hello and happy holidays to all!
Why not a kind of paintball where the participants of the site will be able to compete against each other!
See you later and enjoy the games!!!!👼

14/12/2006 21:31:40

A 3D brick breaker would be nice

02/09/2006 15:35:45

Hello WebMaster!!
for me sports games would be perfect for me!!
although the existing ones are already very good!
thank you!!!👏

23/08/2006 10:29:05

Indeed, a Catch A Prize where we could Play with madpoints would not be bad (like the lottery system in fact).
Otherwise, I have already seen on a forum a game like twister but with animal heads (zoo sth...).

19/08/2006 22:28:23

stl me I prefer games like brick-breaker

15/08/2006 14:44:02

Hello Web'! As far as I'm concerned, word games are my life, but I'm not a pimply nerd, be careful! Lol... 😀 Why not a game like the wheel of fortune? I saw it one day on a site in Germany, and I thought it was nice. Anyway, thank you in advance! 🤢

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