Player yuki1803 posted a message on 15/10 18:30 on the MadLotto Forum: the easiest game to play. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  the easiest game to play
16/10/2007 11:55:49

okay with you southern shrimp... the important thing is to have fun anyway.....
good gamessss

16/10/2007 07:17:54

in fact we all have a favorite game!! so good continuationšŸ™‹

15/10/2007 18:30:34

Text in italics for me the game where we can win the most is poker chic 150 madpoints maximum as soon as we exceed 6000 pts I reach more than 23000 pts every time unfortunately we can not win more than 150 madpoints with free Rounds otherwise I would already be rich in madpoints, I like casino power 5 but it is not ranked at Mega-Contest damage.a your mice

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