Player joujou007 posted a message on 25/01 03:52 on the MadLotto Forum: Happy Birthday Patouille!!!!!. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  Happy Birthday Patouille!!!!!
01/02/2006 16:16:44

You're welcome, my Patouille! It's a pleasure! 😃 And,
glad you gave us a sign of life 😂, well yes... I was starting to worry... (and I'm quickly worried, you know... 😉) Bizzz

Pat! 😉😗🌹

31/01/2006 19:29:35

Hello hello hello 😃 sorry

I just saw your message, and in addition I didn't even know the exact date I registered, here is ki is made 😉 thank you toy for this delicate attention ki goes straight to my heart sincerely 🌹 of course I will remain faithful to MadWin, even if it is true that lately I haven't answered many messages, I do a lot of big bizouxxx my toy 😗😗 and thank you for this position 🌹😗 I tell you soon 😉

25/01/2006 03:52:57

And you're welcome!!! 😂 I wish you
a Happy Birthday, my Patouille! 🍸 It's been 2 years since you signed up for Madwin todayMadWin What loyalty!! 😉 I
think it deserves a lot of madpoints all this... 😂 ! Isn't it Web !? 😂😂 Full of

bizzz for you Pat 😗, hoping you will stay with us for a long time on Madwinnnn!!! 😉

Joujou🌹 Joujou🌹

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