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Subject :  sperm whales
15/02/2006 02:11:26

no because the price of the batch cache is not defined by the dvd, or the value of the dvd value is defined by the value of the jackpot. so no matter where you win the dvd or whatever credit you have to spend to win, it does not increase the price of your dvd ... because the value of the cache a lot varies depending on the jackpot. 😂😂😂 I hope it makes sense !! eh eh !!!!!!

13/02/2006 23:17:58

It would be more logical that when you exchange a dvd won with a 15-credit sperm whale you earn more madpoints than when you exchange a dvd won with a 6, 7 or 8-credit sperm whale? It is the same for eldorado the jackpot is more important but the exchange of dvds and others is exchanged with the same number of madpoints as the other games or the credits spent are more important.
I hope to get a web response and get the opinion of other players. Wave: wave:

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