Player soleil63200 posted a message on 17/08 14:22 on the MadLotto Forum: gold totem pole. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  gold totem pole
20/08/2007 15:18:15

sun63200 wrote:
Hello I just bought games I can not find the game totem gold help me

Hello 🙋

In my opinion change of pseudo met or puts black glasses! It hits the sun (laughs)

Have a good day and 🍻

20/08/2007 14:04:17

Go to the main page of Madwin, then look to the right, there is great writing The Golden Totems 😉

17/08/2007 14:22:31

Hello I just bought some games I can't find the gold totem game help me

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