Player groseille3333 posted a message on 16/09 16:41 on the MadLotto Forum: yam and yam new look. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  yam and yam new look
20/09/2009 16:29:40

it seems that the problem is solved and that we only find one yam, with players
ranking on the other hand, when we make a square, a yam, a full house, the gain of points is the same whatever the dice rolled; before a yam of 6 reported more than a yam of 2, etc.....

16/09/2009 16:41:00

am I the only one who has problems with the yam?
only one yam presented on thehome page, but two on the "change game"
drop-down menu with one, there is no ranking displayed, with the other, impossible to access the game.
the customer service answers are limited to a donation of 50 points, but the problem persists

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