Player sarniotte posted a message on 07/03 13:54 on the MadLotto Forum: I don't really understand anything, actually.. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  I don't really understand anything, actually.
09/03/2008 02:53:48

hello 🙋

you have the right to your 15 free spins per day
so you can come and play every day
hoping to have answered

08/03/2008 13:17:18

slt sarniotte ben c is simple kan you finished your free spins of the day (15) well he fo ke you wait juska midnight or the next day here is hoping to help biz and good game

08/03/2008 13:30:59

Peua little hard to😉 but normally you should have 15 free spins per day your account is reload 15 free spins at midnight and you can play every day, you do not need to wait 1 mail you connect directly to madwin .voila hope it did help 🙋

07/03/2008 22:13:07

Every day you get 15 free games so between 00h and 23h59 you can play your 15 games.

Your Parties are non-cumulative.

07/03/2008 13:54:20

Hello to all of you: wave:

????I'm brand new or I'm not playing on free games 10, I can't afford to load my finance

question account right now to know that when I've played my 10 free games when I can play my 10 free
games again I play every time I get a May e, however I wonder when we can come back to the game to play its free games right how long
I don't know if I've been well understood:-
I hope you will answer
me by thanking you again thank you

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