Player rima73 posted a message on 29/09 22:35 on the MadLotto Forum: to know if it works. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  to know if it works
02/10/2008 08:42:31

with the free Rounds I earn 1100 points per day.
I won my first Sweepstake prize on my 3rd day but personally to be able to exchange for points the kdo I don't like I bought the minimum credit they needed to be vip for life (about 20 euros if I remember correctly) and since I do the Sweepstake every day and I earn 1 to 2 kdo per week which brings me between 22000 and 65000 per kdo. so you can very quickly climb into the points.

29/09/2008 22:35:26

(clown)Bold textwrite herewrite icisalut to all I just got to know this game site I wanted to know if its really works and if the prize can be obtained by using that free Rounds how long on average to start winning prizes thank you for your reply

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