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Subject :  Mega-Contest
05/03/2008 18:14:37

The best way to get medals is to have the highest score in several games, which is not easy. In scratch game games it's luck. You don't have to Play All Games , otherwise you don't have a good enough score.
Good luck and good games.

05/03/2008 00:15:30

Hello to all of you,
I've been playing MadWin for 2 weeks...And there's one thing I don't understand...

=Obtaining medals to move up the rankings= Do you have

to make the highest possible score in each game?
Do we just have to make the most points on each Round we do? (no matter what the game is, if we change or not?)

Sorry, if you've already answered this question... I've looked everywhere... Maybe it's bad

Thanks in advance for your answers and good game

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