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Subject :  VIP Games
22/03/2009 19:32:22

I had made a request to customer service regarding VIP games.

Here is the answer I got:
Hello knight2000, Please

note that these games are not available at the moment on our site.
We apologize for this inconvenience.


the MadWin France

Team ---
I would like this to be corrected

25/02/2009 03:06:19

The same is true for me.

07/01/2009 17:01:21


Yes, it is stipulated that Platinum VIP status entitles me to 2 new games but impossible for me to access them too.

Maybe a little message to customer service?


02/01/2009 07:19:11


I noticed in my VIP status ( Platinum), that, normally, I should have access to 2 exclusive free games: 1 whose image is not displayed and the other which seems to be called Powermind ... but.... when you click on the 2 links to access it it goes directly to thehome page of the flash games of the site... ???

Does anyone know how to access these two games?

In advance, thank you and Happy New Year 2009 @ All:)(clown)(glass)

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