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Subject :  Special Cash Counter won on MadWin
10/09/2010 17:29:20

Suggestion for the minilots (which we find in eden and Catch A Prize) create boxes with for example 10 cents cash, and as soon as we have accumulated (on a separate counter) enoughSilver, or to accumulate all our cash earnings we make a check request.
Example: I earn 5 times 10 euros on the monthly operation, 5 euros on the El Dorado and I order a check for 20 euros in the shop window.
On this separate counter, appeared 75 euros, I find that it is enough I validate a check request, and hop in not followed earnings appears a check of 75 euros instead of all the checks one by one.

14/09/2010 11:07:43

Hello Claudie and sorry to disappoint you! (it's not my fault!!!!!)

I had already thought about this idea (convert my Wires directly into credits)... unfortunately for incomprehensible cash flow reasons, the site needs to see "real" Silver flows out and in... As a result, credits will always have to be purchased with real Silver and not with a currency from the site....

Date of message edition 14/09/2010 11:08:20

14/09/2010 07:44:39

I add a supplement to my idea.
This cheque counter could make it possible to exchange these cheques for their counterpart in credits.
Example: I earned 20 euros for the monthly operation.
I could via a small conversion interface choose to have them in 90 game credits, rather than reuse my credit card, I play credits received in exchange for cashs won.
Advantage for MadWin: less cheques to write, lessSilver "coming out"
Advantage for madwinists: no need to take out your credit card, Silver earnings are automatically convertible if you wish

I hope my words will be as clear as I think they are,
if not, I will try to be more clear

13/09/2010 18:52:22

You didn't read my Webby message correctly!

From that point of view, the counter would be useless!!!!!

For my part, I would find it useful insofar as:

1- In the tracking of earnings, there would not be 5 Wires 2 euros, but only 1 of 10 euros. (we come back to the problem of the readability of the earnings, as I pointed out for theaccount history)
2- Because I hope it will allow the creation of "cash" games... All Games Loots All Games (with the exception of the Madquiz boudé) only allow you to win "physical" Prizes. I would really like to see a game, where you can win 200, 500 or 1000 euros in cash (without having to try 3 even or double!!!! nor that it is a game of the month)... and even for the big win of a game, I find it more attractive to show a big Wire rather than a few million points.

13/09/2010 18:34:08

Hello Web,

The purpose of this counter is to make the earnings tracking more readable than there are dozens of lines to read, one per cheque, that we can anticipate, group them on a separate counter, which will validate in one and the same cheque our earnings Euros.
This way, in the earnings tracking, only one line appears.
Have I made myself clearer?

13/09/2010 17:54:50

Hello 🙋 I confess

I'm a little surprised, because right now you earn Points that you can redeem for a Wire at any time... which is the same, right?
But maybe there's something I misunderstood?

Similarly, when you accumulate several cheques, as you know, we group them into a single Wire at the time of sending, so you do not have dozens of Wires of 2 euros (or others) to deposit at the bank!

L Eweb''

10/09/2010 19:50:07

and our friend Web, what does he think?

10/09/2010 19:40:06

I support you a second time.

We could see in this process something useless since the points earned can be seen asSilver (by ordering in the shop!).... But I hope that this can be the Mode see a special operation that I really liked come back: "Monster Cash" and avoid having small Wires 2 euros all over his account.

Otherwise, I also strongly encourage the Dreamteam to create cash Cash pot games that would allow you to earnSilver directly and not points or Prizes.

10/09/2010 18:42:24

🙁y): That's a great idea!

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