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Subject :  tournaments and challenges
08/12/2010 18:39:37

MadWin has modified the Old Jack game for both the tournaments ending 10/12 and the challenges. I find that abnormal. The new grids are very difficult and all players who want to improve their score will lose credits. This was my case. I'm not going to Play in the other tournaments. For the challenges, idem, the challenges already launched do not put the players on an equal footing. It's just anything.

14/12/2010 11:02:01

Training is not very useful when, in Old Jack's Treasure, players play for several weeks on a large square and you have to Play on 3 squares of 9 slightly offset squares. For a few days now, the challenges have always had random grids but we are informed. For new tournaments, the grids are more difficult but the same for all players.

11/12/2010 19:16:40

Except for the arrival of the joker who no longer generates a Turn count, I didn't find any changes....... I just added 937 pts to my account 😂ce which seems correct to me I hadn't played
it for a few days, I just did the 15 free rounds see, but I find the same game again. So the changes had to be made only for tournaments and challenges, not tested today.
Courage, 😎 It is the training that paie🍻

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