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Subject :  Equality in a game and impact in mega challenges
09/12/2010 19:12:04

Hello, I would like to know how the places are calculated in case of a tie?
For example for hexalettres 20 people end the week with 1050 points. The person ranked 1st will receive 4000 points in the mega-challenge while another ranked 20th (with the same number of points at the start (1050)) will only gain 800 points in the mega-challenge;;;;;which changes everything in the final ranking.

06/01/2011 23:20:49

It has happened to me several times that people who have scored the same as me at Hexalettre pass in front of me in the ranking even if I had scored before.

25/12/2010 01:37:21

Yes, thank you Raphi for these clarifications.
I noticed that what account to be placed is the first score,
so for games where there are identical scores, it's better to get up early!

25/12/2010 00:14:44

Good evening! 🙋 🗎

! Here are the rules of the Weekly Challenge : - ! Automatic

participation ! All the MadPoints you earn with your free rounds on this Flash Game add up and constitute your score for this Weekly Challenge. At the end of the challenge, the best players are rewarded and win the prizes indicated below! Ties are ranked in chronological order of the first score achieved.
- In addition, you also automatically participate in the Mega-Contest to win Prizes!

Each challenge ends on Monday at 23:59:59.

For each game that counts for the Mega Challenge, you can find in detail the rules and dates as well as your position (just above the ranking).

Have a good weekend! 🌹🍸

11/12/2010 17:54:07

It seems to me that in fact, in the event of a tie, it is the order of arrival that account: the first to reach the score is placed in front and the last (in day and hour) is relegated to the last rank.
Exquo in points but ranking by the date of reaching the score.
Do I make myself clear?
Nevertheless, info to be checked by others older than me.
Binne soirée🍸🍸 and have a good
weekend 🌹🌹 to all 🙋

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