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Subject :  PariMots
19/12/2010 12:32:58

Good morning, everyone!

Look for the error....

8 words found = 44 points collected
60 words found = 66 points collected
70 words found = 71 points collected

ñ????? Is

there anyone to explain?

Thank you. Thank you.

17/03/2011 08:40:21

Totally agree, the scores are revised downwards and the drawdowns .... are becoming more and more frequent.
Subject to evaluation and calculation error, here is the fruit of my reflection: 🤢
To obtain the famous ceiling score of 150 Points , you must do, depending on the chosen contracts:
- for a 200 contract, you must reach a minimum score of 6,104,
- for a 600 contract, you must reach a minimum score of 2,682,
- for a 1,000 contract, you must reach a minimum score of 2,243
In fact, on the summary table of calculations according to the contract, you must obtain at least 12,206 for you to be granted 150 Points
This is an increase of 50% because before around 8,000, we had 150 Points .
But the concern is different in my eyes because it remains despite everything the game that pays the most (except random games of scratch games ).
It is essentially the fact that more and more draws are done without any vowel or a "y" or an alignment of "qxpwteg" and that one is forced to leave for lack of a possible word, all the combinations having been tried .
This no longer gives the same attraction to the game, it becomes a game of poker and more a thinking game that made our too numb brains move. It deserves to change category to play a game of chance.
Enough grumbling, the good weather is coming back and confinement is not yet in place.
Have a nice weekend before attacking the hard weekend that deprives the majority of us of working 😀


15/03/2011 19:05:57

Hello, yes the points are decreasing, they told me they were reevaluated this weekend!
It's not nice, but we don't have a choice...
What is even more annoying is when you have a blank bonus Box where you can choose the letter, they accept a first word ( for example "CASA", with the last A in blank Box) and when you type "Box" so with the E in blank Box, they tell you "you have already validated this word"!
And yet of course it's not the same word!
I have already written to them several times on this subject, they give me a few small points in compensation, but the problem persists and I am tired of explaining it to them!

15/03/2011 09:05:29

A few days ago, I reached an average of 110 points per Round, today I'm at 65! Not to mention the print runs, which are becoming more and more difficult.
The appeal of the game is less and less obvious.
It's a pity for an intelligent game whose result is not only due to chance.

14/03/2011 16:39:58

I myself am very disappointed by this new version.
I can't understand how to calculate the points, because as the days go by and my score goes down..........

14/03/2011 14:45:23

this time paris mots is bludgeoning

you fear to give points for Prizes, since 2004 only one prize, I play for fun, but now it is no longer compétitif🙁y):

13/03/2011 09:52:40

I only know the new version since I play it from peu😂, but enough to realize account there is a NEW CHANGE! And not in favour of our Cash pot!🙁n): About 1 week ago
, except for the abominable draws (qwx at the same tirage🤢 or no vowel,...) I often managed to make 150 points.
It was necessary to make a score around 8800 (after calculation according to the challenge chosen at 200, 600 or 1000) and we had the maximum, 150 points.
Now, by doing 8800, we only have 99 points, which is 50% lower if I account correctly.
This is worse than the price increase since crise😉 Now
to reach the maximum of 150, it is necessary to reach the score of 12200.........!
And in addition the catastrophic prints are much more fréquents🤕, unless it is a coincidence, for 3 days I have letters impossible to associate in our language.
The game is still very interesting and fun but well... it's not the best thing for my stock anymore 😡de madpoints. did
you also notice it?

02/02/2011 17:48:07

I love this new version: I find it more interesting, thanks 🎤

31/01/2011 13:31:30

the latest version of parimots disconnects me beaucoup🙁 I hope

it will be possible to find the previous version with a better distribution of points.

30/01/2011 17:02:59

I also retained the parimots after a break period. I have also studied the rules better. There is a strategy to be put in place. The bonus and jocker boxes can help us a lot. Sometimes I manage to get 150 points with the maximum bet.

However, it remains a tough game (we score less points on the 15 free rounds) and the constraints imposed are a little frustrating. I still think that the old version left us, indeed, more freedom with more possibilities to find unusual words. With this new version, I have less overall pleasure to Play and therefore, I come much less to the site.

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