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Subject :  Alchemy
07/09/2011 18:58:14

Hello, I find this game not great. ^^ From the first level it's almost impossible because the mushrooms grow on the sides and the jars go where you can't jump on loll.

29/01/2013 13:52:06

I started blocking at level 18 so I gave up for a week or two and strangely enough the day I played again I passed the level
Now I'm blocking at level 19, I'm still looking for the logic to Play but I don't think there is any, so it's hard to know how many Round to run before reaching the Next level.
Thanks anyway to the creators to think about the following thing: if a game is too difficult or there is no purpose most users will eventually give up

09/03/2012 12:48:58

🙋: I reached level 35 with 28 flowers and 4 cats. Apart from the satisfaction of having finished the game there is nothing but a big disappointment to have struggled so much on this game. 😈

10/01/2012 12:09:57

I am at level 32 with 4 cats, I think the level is unlocked with a certain number of points..... I persist and hope to reach level 35 and have a good surprise, because if there is no reward it will be very disappointing!!!!!

23/11/2011 22:25:52

Well, I don't think it's the best,

I can't get off the ground I must be really bad or I didn't understand the How it Works!!!!!!!😵 Good

game for all and good evening on cadovillage

21/11/2011 11:25:27


Alchemy contains 35 levels. Evoluutinos are planned so that this can be indicated more clearly to you!

Good games!
The Web'.

20/11/2011 23:05:24

Hello, I love this game that motivates me every day to climb level... and I'm at level 31!!! but that's the big question???? is there a maximum level??? because it's true that it's really getting harder and harder!!!

02/11/2011 15:52:36


🙁y): I like this game in How it Works I totally agree with what has been written:
- the level of difficulty increases but not the points
- we don't know if there is a reward at the end of all this
- and above all: the so-called random programming blocks the game because the bonuses and golden cups are essentially placed in the corners and on the sides

After a while, after being confronted with these observations, we get tired of the game. 😈

24/10/2011 11:24:22

I kept climbing, I'm at level 29!

23/10/2011 15:21:16

I'm also at level 24, I love it!

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