Player Abeille21 posted a message on 18/11 15:20 on the MadLotto Forum: I won the. Answer him on MadLotto and exchange with other players

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Subject :  I won the
18/11/2011 15:20:03

😲Bonjour, In

the game Cache Catch A Prize won the booty boxBox Loot contained 5,000 MadPoints, and I won other points, 10 - 20 - 50 & 100, but I still remain at 280 MadPoints: when will I be able to benefit from the points that have been awarded?
Thank you for being kind enough to answer me.

23/11/2011 18:37:21

It is with pleasure Abeille21, very good evening and good games. See you soon 🙋

23/11/2011 08:23:43

Hello and thank you very much Cosette!
🙂 🙋

20/11/2011 22:17:30

helloBee21, your points are automatically added with the Madpoints you already had it happens that it doesn't display right away it will be necessary to log out and reconnect in How it Works the points are added if it doesn't work contact the customer service ! good evening !:)

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