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Subject :  Free Games
10/05/2012 22:36:38

Why sometimes Rounds are deleted. Of the 15 I lost one tonight, without any wrong handling.
What compensation can we get for this loss? 😠

26/07/2012 13:09:38

maybe you have participated in one of the new games offered, such as a challenge or scratch game card or arabesque
or maybe you miscounted
there is something else too, the number of Rounds is not updated usually on the left side, so it often feels like we have more Rounds
good luck

12/07/2012 17:40:42


15/05/2012 10:37:39

Thank you 🙂

13/05/2012 13:14:16

Maybe a bawl on your computer 😲 I'
ve never had this problem but I don't think you can have a counterpart.
Have a good day.

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