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Subject :  Voucher
14/06/2012 21:02:58


I may look silly but I have not come to this site since early 2009, I just realized that I have a coupon of: "100% Credits and 100% free Tokens
on your next purchase of Credits! Could one tell me what it means?
thank you in advance

28/08/2012 09:05:07

I prefer real gifts ... The shot of the vase was nice and you forgot me! 😀

27/08/2012 16:37:09

Hello 🙋,
We offer coupons randomly or to reward some of our members for their loyalty.

It may be your turn justinemoawad 😎 soon.

Good games!

The Web '🍸

26/08/2012 19:43:25

exile me but how do you get to earn coupons. thank you for answering me

18/06/2012 10:40:23

Hello 🙋,

Nice to see you among us guigui89000 😉.

Regarding your coupon, check its validity date and contact Customer Service so that it best explains what this good entitles you to.

Good games.

The Web'

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