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Subject :  Le Geek is looking for passionate and motivated writers
23/09/2013 18:28:24

Hello everyone,

I am looking for passionate writers to help me accomplish a project that is close to my heart.
I recently created the site ( )and I would like to group everything we are interested in on it.
Unfortunately, he knows that this project is extremely ambitious for one person....
If you are passionate about TV series (GoT for example), music in particular, Geek movies (Lords of Rings for example) or simply video games, contact me.
I'll take care of the retro-gaming Round because I'm addicted to it. But everything else is available for anyone who can write French, is interested in everything and wants to share his Geek culture.

It goes without saying that all this will be voluntary at first, but if it gets too big, then we will discuss it together! lol

Thank you in advance to all who will answer.

Click on this link to see the work already done:

28/09/2013 00:56:12

Good evening Aurel

Yes it is better to go gradually, without dispersing in a quantity of top-of-the-range equipment and that it is well "railroaded" to undertake and to make another phase as well, because success is the basis of patience and with a certain perfection (I say certain) it makes me think of a future startup, with the versatility of the subjects, it is that you need the solid base, and then remain masters, because as soon as you start to go public... and as shares are distributed... But you are a lawyer, even at a very young age you could do as well as a 50-year-old CEO because you have innovative and dynamic ideas. I anticipate because I see it flourish.
I don't have any advice to give you, but I would like to talk! Have a
good evening

27/09/2013 08:53:19

Any idea is good to take!
To make it simple, the search for editors and web designers brought me 3 people with Previous dynamism!
The themes of our subjects are linked to the passions of each of us. We will only talk about what we really like. On the cinema side, I plan to create a dedicated section one day, but for the moment, due to the lack of an editor....
Your question was not indiscreet, we are not sponsored even if we would like to be.... The financing of our increasingly amoeba project will end up being a problem for us! :)
In any case, I thank you for the time you spent browsing and analyzing our website.
Feel free to share your suggestions for the future, a community site is also and above all that!

26/09/2013 21:07:53

Good evening Aurel

Being of curious nature on all subjects and sometimes horribly subjective, well, it is a great pleasure to visit your site. Congratulations, for the moment it's about high technicality, vod writers to their writing style are or seem to me very "agile" on subjects.
the essential is described simply, easy to understand because the sentences are not scattered, well focused on the subject.
Really I advise to go and have a look at it ! ! ! it's very clear and beautiful ! relaxing colors surround the equipment beautiful work done. (vs must be sponsored certainly) do not answer me, I am indiscreet.
after these iphones ap photos etc...... CAR TV? There is a poll at least a choice, will you do "mandatarianism"
by car? OR COMPARATIVE simply. For the music? Cinema?


26/09/2013 09:06:13

Thanks for the advice, I had thought about it and we are now 4 of us on the project but I am still waiting for some other enthusiasts to fill 2 or 3 gaps on very specific topics.
In any case, I thank you for your warm home and suggest that you monitor our evolution, which has already begun! New logo, new architecture... in short, nothing but beauty!
To see this, it's here:

26/09/2013 08:52:45

Donostia is right! You had to think about it in fact, and kindly speaking, you are a "headhunter" like big companies do or used to do in the past ! to recruit. Good luck on the networks!

24/09/2013 14:21:08

if you are looking for people, use social networks! super efficient to get information across very quickly!

24/09/2013 13:26:38

Silver rots man, and his behavior makes him ignore his neighbor, he wears blinkers!

24/09/2013 13:20:09

very good site, very young, full of great ideas, not all lawyers are stuck, proof!

See you later because I have to fly to lunch!

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