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Subject :  Federation of notifications
18/11/2015 16:45:06


It would be nice to have a federation of notifications when they concern the same message.

For example:
I wrote a message on the wall. Some people responded to it. I answered these people. They responded by quoting me in the commentary sometimes.
Finally, for the same comment from one person, I received up to 3 notifications: XXXX
replied to your message on the wall XXXX
quoted wall in his new comment on the wall XXXX
replied to a message you commented on the wall While only one
would have been enough since these 3 notifications sent to the same message (same message id), such as: XXXX replied
to your message on the wall by quoting youwall

This would reduce the need for notifications.

What do you think of it?

I wish you a pleasant day.

05/01/2016 12:14:49

to come back to the initial topic, indeed, we already receive so many notifications for deleted messages, if at least we could only have one for each message it would lighten the system a little

25/11/2015 12:29:06

To all those who leave a message. 🙂 Whether

on the forum or on the wall.

If you have a great need to reply to a message, please mention
the person's username.

Be brave or brave be frank and honest 🙋 Because

I hate hypocrites 😈

25/11/2015 09:54:20

And maybe also the excluded..... you have to be obmissive.... it takes so much retirement..:

25/11/2015 09:03:06

🙋 thank
you friends... I miss you... maybe
Male webmaster of the site will be kind enough to put us back on the wall....wall
it's when you don't find yourself anymore that you realize how much we miss these little messages and our friends!!!
thank you and big kisses! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 🙋

23/11/2015 18:34:06

a little hello to mfrance and michel
when you get back on the wall?
good evening

23/11/2015 18:27:58

Hello mfrance,

I saw your message by chance, I don't know if my answer will pass.

We miss you too.

I think you or Michel saw the quayquay post relayed by chris67170 and clouseau57 today.

Bizz to both of you

23/11/2015 18:27:28

😃coucou to mfrance and michel 🙋🌹

19/11/2015 11:08:58


I don't know who you're talking to me about Katyc,

totally agree with you

and have a good day.

19/11/2015 11:01:14

Yes, that's a great idea. Personally, I no longer dare to answer because too many notifications follow.
Good totes games and all and very good rainy day.

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