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Subject :  New Prizes
27/03/2016 20:09:57

I made a Prizes suggestion on January 31 and I see that none of my ideas have been taken into account: connected account, garden and plant ranges (my seeds have never grown, why not offer accessories and clothes), the wellness range (light therapy, smartbox, massage candles), gift cards, Prizes more stuffed animals....

What about it? (PS:
I didn't know if I should put this post in the "suggestion" or "gift" category, I'm still waiting for a return from the Dream ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Thank you very much!

11/11/2021 11:22:13

hello, I would like the site to offer dematerialized store sign Prizes cards.
Basically, in exchange for 15,000 Points , you can choose from the Prizes grid, a FNAC prize card for example. To receive it, it will be enough to make two manipulations. The microsoft site, does it in exchange for Points , why not you?
And in addition, no postal mail, you can get it through the internet. And all the players will be happy and not disappointed.

29/03/2016 13:55:10


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