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Subject :  answer pending
25/06/2017 01:03:43

When someone post a question on the forum, it would be nice to report if the question has an answer pending validation or if no one has yet responded.

16/01/2021 14:20:18

[/ quote] toyota I know I own one, since 2013 I just changed it, still toyota, still hybrid, very happy.
back to our sheep, I can no longer enter the game, is it because we no longer want me to play
, or we don't have time to answer me,

you may not know yourself what to do ?????

why always change games like that ??? it was so easy before,
I have been playing since 2004, it may be too long for you ???

I'm not a computer expert, when it works well it works, but as soon as you change something, I'm lost,
could you please tell me where to go, and what to do.
since christmas, i'm looking for please
I have two games, I play them almost every day and from 5 am in the morning in the day I do not have much time, as soon as I can, I am diligent Jessica I await your answers, I knock on all the doors to see if anyone can answer me, thank you who can take a few minutes to answer me and explain to me CON GOR

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