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Subject :  Credits
09/09/2017 11:27:59

Hello I'm new in this game is what you could tell me what are the credits because I have 27 and I do not know what to do

Thank you for your answer and good earnings to all

28/12/2018 17:30:08

I interrupted the game for 2 months because ride camper,
- Can not redeem points for credits?
- the first place of a three-credit challenge does not yield 1 euro anymore?

13/11/2017 10:24:36

Hello Cecily64,

Yes it is possible if you have the Golden DreamCard status :)

Very good Monday to you!

The Web''

05/11/2017 15:29:42

🙁 can we get credits from other sites😃

12/09/2017 09:52:17

Hello laura-anto25,

First of all welcome among us :)

You can use the credits to access a more difficult level of the games you play in free mode and this allows you to win more points.

Credits also allow you to participate in Tournaments: if you rank among the best scores, you will win one of the endowments put into play.

With Credits you can also participate in the Games Loot: these games involve very large gifts and allow you to win in one click!

In summary, Game Credits allow you to win more and faster!

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